At the American Muscle Care Clinic the underlying goal is to restore balance,

a governing law of nature.

 With an approach that combines eastern and western philosophies in respect to health, astonishing results can be achieved. This perspective, pioneered by Tom Tam and his Tong Ren system, has opened the door to unlimited healing possibilities. 

Based on the premise that the root of all disease and discomfort lies in blockages, which may occur in blood and nerve pathways or in energy channels. These blockages lead to inadequacy due to:

Diminished delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and essential hormones caused by impeded blood circulation.

Diminished nerve signal strength, vital to keep the systems and organs of the body in open communication with the brain and central nervous system.

Diminished bioenergy, needed to keep every cell full of vitality, the essence of good health. 

You are the healer; I am the guide, providing awareness to assist healing.

I provide treatments aimed at opening blockages and restoring balance to the body, chronic pain relief and stress reduction to help clients experience a release from pain and discomfort. Regardless if caused by injury, or simply crept in over time, The result is the same, an imbalance. 

 We are all familiar with those pains that all of a sudden are present and we tend to put up with, ignore, or adapt to. Regardless if they are in the neck, wrist, feet, back, or arms and legs. If you are like most people you will needlessly put up with this discomfort, sometimes for years, often resulting in loss of range of motion, postural distortion, and an increase in pain in movement. When this occurs, the muscles are shortened and there is a loss of the original “Muscle Memory”- but the truth is, much of this discomfort and distortion can be eliminated with a little effort.

With the application of release methods that turn off pain and trigger points, elongate the muscle, free up scar tissue and adhesions that have built up over time, and balance energy flow, the objective is for the client to experience improvement in:

  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of movement
  • Restored state of health (Homeostasis)

Through this work, anomalies in posture and movement, which result in painful movement including walking, can be corrected. Some of the most common conditions addressed are head forward, leading to neck and upper back pain, contributing to the formation of a curved upper back, curvature of the spine; front to back or side to side, tilted pelvis leading to lower back pain, hip pain and/or knee and ankle problems, as well as fascet dysfunction, which is a contributing factor to all of the aformentioned conditions.

  An integral part of your session is instruction on proper muscle care techniques. When these techniques are introduced into your daily routine, you can regain lost muscle health and function. Some of the conditions that respond well to these methods are; carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, TMJ, low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shin splints, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis, to mention just a few. Along with treatment of specific anomalies, these techniques are also employed for postural correction.

Another focal point at the American Muscle Care Clinic is stress relief which, if not addressed, emotionally weighs a body down. This increases susceptibility to a myriad of ailments, not the least of which are stress headaches- but you can release stress. One of the best methods for immediate stress reduction is through the calming effects of healing energy combined with muscle manipulation. The skilled use of various massage modalities- some common, some unique- combine to create a calm, soothing experience which guides you into a deep state of relaxation; a place that many rarely visit in their busy, worrisome lives. The resulting benefits include, but are not limited to:

Improved oxygen and blood flow

Decrease in blood pressure

Relief of soreness, tension, and stiffness

Normalization of glandular function

Improved body alignment

Headache and migraine relief

Elimination of the root cause of ailments


  Our Mission:   At the American Muscle Care Clinic the objective is to help my old friends and new guests to enjoy a pain free, healthy lifestyle through applied bodywork.  Stay well, live well.







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